Internet Addresses And Links

Not all internet links look the same! When you move your mouse over the hand, watch your mouse change from an arrow to a hand with a pointing finger to show it has a link.

Some links might present themselves as icons. Some icons are standard such as Home (return to the home page of a website).

Print, print the contents of a page, webpage or other document.

Social media links (in the shape of an icon).

And buttons which can do many things...

Click on the button that appears over the image below when you mouse over it...

Some internet pages and documents can also have links in them that don't look quite as obvious. Click on the blue text below.

Columns, Table, Calendar, Gantt, Form, and List—you get to decide which view you want to use and when in Infinity. Seamlessly switch between different views within the same folder, or create a new view every time you open up a new tab in Infinity.

Click on the image below for lots of links within the page and test some out

Primary Solutions

We know how difficult it can be. Even getting here might have required some help from someone else! How can you learn to use a mouse if you don't know how to use one to get here in the first place? Ask whoever is with you to start you on your journey. Just ask them to click on the "Part One" link for you, or the "Learn More" button.