Welcome To Our Computer Training Hub

Take Your PC Skills To Another Level

We'll take you from the start and help you achieve ninja PC skills. You'll be able to learn new skills, track your progress and maybe even a certificate!

Earn A Certificate

You'll be able to earn certification with your new found PC skills or just be happy with your achievements! Either way, we'll be there to support you on that journey...

All Done At Your Pace

We won't push you to move to fast. All the lessons are repeatable, accessible at all times and done at your pace, so there is no pressure.

At Home Or The Library

Our training is based on the desktop PC. Which means if you don't have one at home then you'll be able to use on at the library to continue with the training.

Primary Solutions

We know how difficult it can be. Even getting here might have required some help from someone else! How can you learn to use a mouse if you don't know how to use one to get here in the first place? Ask whoever is with you to start you on your journey. Just ask them to click on the "Part One" link for you, or the "Learn More" button.