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Seaside Naturally

Project Description

We designed and built a website that encompassed all local activities which included bird watching, hiking, biking, kayaking and more, as a resource for locals and visitors to discover. But we didn’t stop there. We included etiquette for each activity, gps trails to download onto your GPS, videos, pictures, trail descriptions and a whole lot more. This was a ground breaking site and way ahead of it’s time…

Project Details

Client Seaside, Oregon
Date Completed 2010
Skills Branding, Activites, Cultural

Project Features

  1. Bird watching list by season
  2. Google earth route views
  3. Downloadable, printable PDF route maps
  4. Hiking, biking, kayaking route stats and profiles
  5. Easy activity type distinction by color
  6. Activities table showing easy, medium, hard
  7. Select-able and different map types
  8. Over 200 bird types (searchable)

Project Feature

Color coordination helps users to know whether they are on a hiking, biking, birding or kayaking trail or page. Our insight provided a site that was probably the first of it’s kind in rolling the activities within a city into a single user experience. Originally created over 10 years ago, it still provides the user with the experience it was originally designed to do.

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