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Online Training & Education

Project Description

A Learning Management System For Online Certification And Education.

We have years of teaching and instructional experience and so when it comes to providing training, be it for hobby or national certification we provide a first class experience. When we were approached to provide an LMS (Learning Management System) we were delighted to show what we are capable. Quizzes, video, images, eye-catching graphics, text, it’s all there in one neat package for you you use.

Project Details

Client Safety Mundo
Date Ongoing
Skills Education, Training, LMS
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Project Features

  1. Set up all training modules & topics
  2. Quiz and testing development
  3. National Certificate to online LMS conversion
  4. Instant feedback for student quiz scores
  5. Payment system for paid courses
  6. Teacher/Student email notification
  7. Created and developed owners craft beer list
  8. No “skip-lesson” student navigation
Under Development

Project Feature

Our new project will grow in time. Eventually this site will provide training using Learning Management Systems for all sorts of training for both hobbies and national certifications. Our blend of text, video and graphics will provide a truly professional training platform.

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