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Airborne Ales

Project Description

A start-up business with a whole lot of heart and neat ideas.

Airborne Ales is a company specializing in craft beer. Their product is designed to target craft beer lovers, military enthusiasts, ex and current service personal. They believe that “most of the important decisions should be made by the people that follow them” by naming their next beer, deciding which logo they should use, what colors they should have for their apparel and so on!

Project Details

Client Airborne Ales
Date Ongoing
Skills Branding, Web Design

Project Features

  1. Designed the Airborne Ales website
  2. Logo design and trademark application
  3. Marketing video
  4. Developed an online store and apparel display
  5. Customer/user survey for logo and apparel colors
  6. Customer/user survey for beer naming
  7. Created and developed owners craft beer list
Live Project

Project Feature

With our knowledge of design and marketing, we provided Airborne Ales with a 360º product design portfolio. The bottle labels were created by using incorporating historical military emblems, propaganda and color coordination.

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